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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Second Instalment of The Apple Web Comic Roundup

The first installment of The Apple Web Comic Roundup can be read here.

Its time for the second installment of the Apple Web Comic Roundup. I unintentionally ran across this week and was surprised to find not one, but two great comic strips! After a few short email exchanges will the site owner, William, he directed me to a third comic. I have a feeling that finding more comics for a third installment of the roundup is going to prove quite difficult. If anyone has any recommendations feel free to insight me :)

Title: The Joy of Tech
Creators: Nitrozac and Snaggy
This strip is updated very regularly and consists mostly of Apple related content. The two authors do a great job at writing about whats hot at the time and are able to get the comic out to capatalize on the moment. The graphics slightly remind me of Fox's King of the Hill cartoon. If your looking for a great punchline look no further The Joy of Tech delivers! The authors have also built a whole community for readers to hang out and discuss the latest comic, geekdom, and just about any other topic on their forums.

Title: Zap the Pram
Creator: William Levin
Although this comic stopped being updated in 2004 there are plenty of strips to read up on. These single pane comics are just what you need if you only have a few seconds to get a quick dose of Apple humor. Each comic has a small paragraph giving the context of the situation. This strip reminds me of the political comics seen in Time magazine or your daily news paper.

Title: Mew and Zach
Creator: William Levin
This comic is done in the typical 'funnies' section in the news paper style, right down to the black and white. "Mew & Zach is a weekly comic strip about life in the music recording industry, and all things Mac Music! Mew is a hip-hop civet, and Zach is his nerdy engineer friend. They discuss the lighter side of the music industry, with a Macintosh slant." This strip is also no longer being updated, but again, has plenty of archives to read!

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