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Monday, January 22, 2007

Apple Gives Me The Runaround And I Save $259 On My MacBook Pro

So the saga ended today. You would think that for a $2599 laptop (I added the 160gb hard drive) Apple would work a little harder to make the sale a success, but that wasn't the case. In case you haven't been reading my blog I'll recap everything for you.

Jan 11 - I decided to switch to Mac, but didn't have a high enough limit on my credit card.
Jan 12 - I got the limit on my credit card increased and ordered my MBP
Jan 13 - Apple notified me that my shipping address didn't match my billing address. I got this fixed immediately and they said everything was ok.
Jan 14 - Sunday, Apple probably doesn't process or ship orders on Sundays.
Jan 15 - Apple emailed me and said that my credit card was declined. Credit card company said it was their fraud monitoring program and that things should be good to go now. I called Apple back and they told me that everything was now ok!
Jan 16 - I was looking forward to my MBP shipping since the online order status ship dates were 17th-19th.
Jan 17 - Another problem... Apple was undercharging my order so it couldn't get processed. Apple gave me a $20 discount to cover the undercharged amount and to make up for the delay. Phone rep said that everything was ok now.
Jan 18 - Waiting for MBP to ship, order status says everything is ok.
Jan 19 - Waiting for MBP to ship, order status says everything is ok.
Jan 20 - Waiting for MBP to ship, order status says everything is ok.
Jan 21 - Sunday, Apple probably doesn't process or ship orders on Sundays.
Jan 22 - Apple notified me at 2pm PST that there was still a problem with my order. At this point I was so fed up with the whole ordeal and just canceled my order.

After 10 days of waiting and Apple telling me 3 times that everything was in line with my order I had gotten no where. Why would the phone support people tell me 3 times that everything was all set with my order when it wasn't? Apple offered to give me the upgraded shipping for free when I told them I wanted to cancel my order, which I obviously didn't accept. I still wanted the MacBook Pro though, I just didn't want to deal with the Apple phone reps anymore.

So, I went to check out Turns out they had some amazing offers;
So, the MBP from Apple was $2499 + $100 (160 gb hard drive) + $104 Sales tax = $2703
The same computer (minus the 160 gb hard drive) was $2499 - $150 rebate = $2344

So I saved $259 by ordering from I also went ahead and got Parallels since it was free. If I would have taken advantage of all the offers I could have gotten another $280 in savings or $539 savings total!

Now as long as doesn't give me the run around Apple did I'll be one happy customer :)

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At January 23, 2007 at 4:29 AM , Blogger Galley said...

Sorry to hear about all of your problems dude. I'm sure it's an isolated incident.

At January 23, 2007 at 6:22 AM , Anonymous Peter Beddow said...

It looks like the first 5 days of your 10 days of waiting were due to credit card issues, not Apple issues. It's quite common for credit card orders to be declined when the shipping address doesn't match the billing address (to prevent purchases by identity thieves), especially for large amounts.

Glad you got your MBP, though - I'm looking forward to getting one soon enough myself.

At January 23, 2007 at 9:43 AM , Blogger Nick Young said...

I'm sure that this isn't a problem that happens all the time. I just got some bad luck. The 12th - 15th were the only days that had anything to do with my credit card that I could control. After that it was Apple charging the incorrect amount. I wasn't really mad about the credit card part of the issue I merely added for context.

What mad me mad was that the reps on the phone kept telling me that everything was ok, when in fact it wasn't. Had they told me that things were not ok, I could have taken care of it immediately. Instead they told me repeatedly that things where ok, which delayed my order over and over. :(

But, I'm happy now and thats all that matters! I just needed to vent a little bit.

At January 23, 2007 at 1:02 PM , Blogger Yuiichi said...

I'm also sorry for this runaround by Apple. But I'm certain you'll be happy with your purchase!

At January 23, 2007 at 2:11 PM , Blogger rupert said...

MBP's are teh hotness. I have the low-end C2D version... it flies. Maya 8.5, Photoshop CS3, etc.

What made you want to switch? Have you used OS X before? Compared to XP, OS X is smooth like buttah, especially wrt multitasking. Even without dual cores.


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