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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Light Laughs For The Day

So a bit of humor after yesterdays drama :)

In the shadow of the iPhone release and the iPods success, is looking for your insight into Apples next consumer electronic device. What was the most popular product? Well, there were more iToilet/iPotties than any other product submission! My personal favorites were the iRobot and the iCandi. I wonder if the iCandi flavors would be the same as the colors of the original iMac; Blueberry, Tangerine, Grape, Strawberry, and Lime.

If you can stomach an Apple bash parody commercial without taking offense, then check out the following video... Will definitely give you a chuckle!

When I used to use Mac's in High School the 'accidentally rename when you click on an icon' and the 'drag items off a cd onto the desktop' things would always get me. Had there been Apple Retail stores at the time I'd have 'ran to the genius bar screaming!'

Lastly, an update to something I wrote about a few days ago. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has written four more installments of his MacBook Pro Experience. I think that its going to be interesting to see how my experience with my MB is going to compare to his... other than the fact that he got his for free :(

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