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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Keynote2Keynote Variety Show

What does a switcher, lojack, PC running OS X, and a hidden dictionary have in common? They are the topic of conversation for today :) We got everything but the kitchen sink!

First off, heres another report of a switcher! Colleen Lynn's mom just purchased her first Mac. And in true boyfriend dumping fashion they plan on 'burning' some memories. Remember what Smokey the Bear says... "Only you can prevent another windows user." LOL.

So what do you do when you you fancy sports car gets stolen? You trace the bad boy with that expansive lojack system you got installed. How would you like to bring that kind of security to your Mac? Well Jonathan Zdziarski over at Nuclear Elephant has developed an application with this in mind. " MacLoJack is a system daemon running under Mac OS X designed to call home when your Mac is reported stolen. Once activated, MacLoJack will wait until it has an available network connection and every 60 seconds upload as much data as it has available..." This data includes an external IP address and iSight pictures of the culprit!

What happens if you are a switcher at heart, but don't have enough confidence to take the dive and ride the Apple train? You install OS X on your PC! I haven't tried this myself, but some clever people are doing just that. Its not a short process, but if your determined it shouldn't be a problem. Once you get a taste for OS X its doubtful you'll return to windows and you'll be one step closer to becoming a switcher.

Lastly, did you know that you have a hidden dictionary feature available, a way to invert colors, slow motion, text clipping, and multiple ways to take screen shots? All of these features are built into OS X and ready to use, so take a look!

I hope thats enough to keep everyone busy tonight :)

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At January 19, 2007 at 4:50 AM , Blogger Galley said...

A few months ago my friend said he would never buy a Mac. Just yesterday he shocked me by saying he was gonna pick up a MacBook once Leopard is out.

At January 19, 2007 at 9:19 AM , Blogger Nick Young said...

It seems like there are a lot of people in that boat! I was waiting for leopard, but since Steve-O didn't say anything about it at MacWorld I went ahead and made the switch now. Patients are not one of my good virtues :)


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