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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

RadTech ScreenSavrz Cleaner/Protector Review

When I bought my mouse I also picked up their Notebook ScreenSavrz product. Since I'm still in the process of testing their BT600 mouse I decided to tell you a bit about the ScreenSaverz. I'm not sure why I bought the ScreenSaverz. Maybe it was because of bad experiences in the past with the keys of notebooks rubbing on the LCD. Basically what would happen is that sweat/gunk would begin to build up on the keys. Then, when I closed the lid the build up would transfer onto the LCD screen. At first all that I needed was some of those little laptop screen cleaning wipes to take care of it, you know the ones that remind you of mini baby wipes? After a few months, the LCD itself began to get very small scratches/abrasions from the keys! This damage was irreversible short of replacing the screen.

It may have just been a particular Dell model that was prone to this, but I was determined to prevent this from happening with my new baby. From what I've seen of the ScreenSavrz, there is no way that your keys can do any damage to your screen!

The ScreenSavrz was packages in a neat little tube. I'm definitely going to be able to find another use for the tube, which is a bonus :) The ScreenSaverz popped out of the tube without trouble. My first impression was how soft and firm it was. I was expecting something similar to those little cloths that you clean sun glasses with. However, this is not a fault. In fact, I see it as a plus since I've been able to use it as a mouse pad is some instances. I'd compare the cloth to a very very thin piece of neoprene that feels like microfiber.

My ScreenSavrz fits perfectly across my MacBook Pro's 15.4" LCD. But if you're sporting a different portable you're still in luck. RadTech offers the ScreenSaverz cloth in many different sizes to provide the perfect fit on your machine. Aside from sizes there are a handful of colors to choose from. You can even get it customized with a quote, your name, or logo if you choose. I chose Indigo since I think that blue looks awesome in conjunction with silver.

I found the ScreenSaverz alone adequate to protect my MBP. But if you are looking for even more protection RadTech offers Wildeepz, a way to keep even space between your screen and the case. But, $13-$17 dollars is a bit too expensive for some little plastic things if you ask me.

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