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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Looking For a MacBook Pro 15.4" Case

I have yet to take my MacBook Pro anywhere except the patio, couch, or bed. But, one of these days I'm going to christen him and take him on his first voyage. Before I can even think about taking him out into the harsh elements of the real world he's going to need some protection.

I'm not looking for a large bag that will carry every accessory known to man. I can use a backpack for that. What I need is one of those neat neoprene zip up cases that I can slip into my backpack or just carry as is. I've been looking at a few of these cases but haven't come up with a concrete decision yet.

Tucano Elements: This is the only case that I've actually seen in person. Its pretty much exactly what I want. I'd buy this case in a heart beat if I could find it anywhere other than ebay from sellers in the UK.

RadTech NeoCase: I'm not sure if I like the 'work in' type case that allows you to use your computer while its still in the case. Another thing about this case that I'm unsure about is whether I'll like the handle. Since I'll be mostly placing the case in my backpack I'd image that the handle would get caught on cords and aggravate me.

MagicSoft SkinBook: Another 'work in' style. I think I mainly like this case because they show a graphic of an egg falling on the computer, hahaha.

Every forum I go to has a sticky with PAGES & PAGES of people saying which case they use, but its hard to surf through it all. What would be nice is a site dedicated to neoprene laptop case user reviews. There are lots of questions one could potentially want to know about a case. How snug of a fit does the case provide? Are there guards around the zippers to prevent them from scratching the edge of your computer? Etc.

If I can find the Tucano Elements case in the US I'll probably buy that case, if not I'm not sure what to get. I suppose that I'll have to break down and actually make my way through those forum posts and just pick one out of a hat :)

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At February 11, 2007 at 1:32 PM , Blogger Jonathan said...

Hey Nick,

I have a Tucano Work Out case myself, and I love it. If you want to take a look at it, it fits the notebook snugly, with little flaps on the inside of the case to protect it from the zipper. The handles are nice for transporting just the case, and it also fits nicely into a backpack (thats where I keep mine).

As for finding the Tucano Elements case, I'd look in your local Apple Store. Thats where I found my Tucano Work Out, so I'd assume they carry other Tucano cases.

Hope you find the perfect case!


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